Aftercare & Warranty


Icon Rocklear is fully cured in a minimum of 30 days. Therefore;

  • Do not wash the vehicle for 7 days after application.
  • Do not apply pressure or rub vehicle.
  • Avoid the use of ‘spinning’ brush or automatic carwashes.
  • No waxes or polishes for 30 days after application.
  • Keep away from contaminants such as, but not limited to: fuel, brake cleaner, airborne gases, welders, etc., for 7 days after application.

Continued Care Instructions

  • Regularly using a ceramic spray after each wash will keep the surface easier to clean.
  • Regular deep cleaning at an Icon Rocklear Certfied Shop will help to keep your coated vehicles’ finish in the best condition.
  • If damage (swirls, scratches, etc) does occur to your paint, it needs to come to an Icon Rocklear Certified Shop for polishing or scratch repair.
  • Avoiding “spinning brush” car washes and other contaminated wash mitts and brushes will help to minimize future swirling and other wash damage.


Icon Rocklear nor its certified installation facilities are not responsible for repair or damage/flaws caused by:

  • Any damage to the Icon Rocklear coating, including scratches, stone chips, collision or fire
  • Willful damage or negligent or unlawful behavior.
  • Any car washing: spinning brush equipped, handheld or automatic car washes.
  • Repainted or repaired panels.
  • Coming in contact with acid, heavy chemicals, fuels, bleach, paint, ink, dyes, corrosive materials, or any other substance deemed harmful to the Icon Rocklear coating.
  • Dust particles or dirt debris.
  • Flaws, factory defects or deficiencies in the treated surfaces.
  • Damage or flaws to vinyl trim, chrome, glass, headlamps/covers, metal parts, rubber parts, or any films installed on the surface of the vehicle.

Because of Icon Rocklear’s protective component/material and its glossy depth, the appearance may differ slightly from factory finishes. Icon Rocklear will “fill in” surface scratches and swirls; however deep scratches, pitting, etching or other imperfections in the paint may still be visible.

Painted surfaces of the vehicle will be covered against delamination, peeling, yellowing, and/or premature fading due to product failure for the duration option chosen during installation, notated on your invoice.

* Warranty is NOT applicable to previously painted or blended surfaces.

**Warranty is NOT applicable when Icon Rocklear is applied over other coatings.

Warranty Procedure

  • Clients must first contact a certified installation facility to schedule an inspection.
  • A licensed facility will complete an Inspection and contact Icon Rocklear Claims Dept.
  • A certified warranty expert must inspect the vehicle before any authorization for warranty to begin.
  • Approved warranty claims will be remedied by re-application to the failed panels.